We Are

We are a non-banking financial institute with over 50 years of quality service, whose core business is motor vehicle financing.



1971 - PRESENT
The Journey

Caribbean Finance Company Limited was formed by the late Nazir Ahamad in 1971 when he saw the competitive advantage of motor vehicle financing to support the auto dealership of Southern Sales & Service. At that time General Motors Acceptance Corporation U.K. Ltd (G.M.A.C (U.K)) a branch of the Finance Company of General Motors had been providing financing to Southern Sales and Service and Neal and Massy Limited who shared the franchise of General Motors.

Since the commencement of its operations Caribbean Finance Company Limited has grown steadily and now commands a prominent position among non-bank financial institutions, providing financing solutions to a wide cross section of the market, whilst retaining the valuable linkage to affiliated companies in the auto business.

Over the years the Company has faced many challenges arising from both local and global financial downturns and has emerged a successful, robust player in the local financial arena. The company has applied prudent lending practices and placed reliance on the capabilities of its staff and management information system to overcome such challenges. The system is continuously being enhanced to encapsulate managerial expertise to provide real time and effective decision-making support. These benefits are evident as reflected in our financial statements.

CFC's continued success is largely due to its dedicated staff, faithful depositors and loyal customers, who provide repeat business.